Tom has met his match with the Underwoods manager.

Radio Times: Tom handles a tricky meeting, and Emma’s worries continue to escalate.

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  • Will wants a word about George’s burglar fixation. Emma confirms that he plays burglars there too – all the time. Clive will not be allowed to come again. At least she can assure Will that the Play Station is not knocked off. He is too young for it but what could she do; he was so pleased when Clive gave it to him.
  • Into the lion’s den goes Tom, determined to have it out with the Underwoods manager, Doug Somerville. It does no good. Somerville believes he is taking a big risk and is quite right to treat Tom’s newly branded sausages as a new product. Tom was wise to leave the Bridge Farm label; it’s tainted. He must invest in and work hard to promote the new brand. Underwoods Food Hall is prestigious; he expected Tom to be more grateful for the chance.
  • Lynda is busy putting up notices about the auditions for the Christmas show – they will be on Wednesday next week. She tries to talk Susan into it and Emma too. Lynda has talked to Hilary Noakes about her objection to the bonfire; now there is a petition in the shop against fireworks on the village green but nobody has signed it.
  • Susan’s mum, Ivy, is still no better but she has agreed to getting the doctor to call. While Susan gets her lunch, Emma explains her worries about George. Susan’s advice is not to make a fuss; he will tire of it.
  • Tom describes his meeting to a very supportive Brenda. He got no concessions; indeed he was terrified Somerville would cancel the contract. He will have to put it behind him and concentrate on promoting the sausages, including of course piggy football.

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