George’s penchant for burglary shows no sign of abating. Christine returns, ignorant that Clive has too.

Radio Times: Clive’s influence spreads. Meanwhile, Lynda begins her recruitment campaign.

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  • George is not playing burglars but Emma is still worrying. Is it genetic? Ed is emphatic that it is not. But what about Ed’s family – specifically Alf. Ed claims he is nothing like Alf. As for genetics, consider Eddie – not averse to a bit of poaching – and his son is a very boring gamekeeper.
  • Tom is still dwelling on his meeting with Doug Somerville. Jazzer is not delighted with his company; he already has Harry moping about like a wet hen. Tom should have taken Jazzer to the meeting; he would sort Somerville out. Lynda tries recruiting for the Christmas show but neither goes for it.
  • Haute cuisine is not the scene at Brookfield; Ruth has to make an emergency trip to the shop for the crowning glory of tonight’s meal – baked beans. On the way she saw Christine returning. Does she even know about Clive? The sooner she does, the better. David rings her and arranges to see her tomorrow morning – on a pretext.
  • Tom aims to have his video edited by the end of the week, with the slogan “fit pigs make good sausages”. Lynda is no longer chasing him or Jazzer because Rhys has stepped into the breach, reciting Dylan Thomas. That sparks Jazzer’s patriotic desire to make a tribute to Scotland’s national poet; it seems he has volunteered.
  • Another new toy? Where did George’s new fire truck come from? When questioned, he admits that he has ‘burglared’ it – from Jake – to show Uncle Clive what a good burglar he is. Not what Emma wants to hear.

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