Rich sends an email. He seems to have enjoyed his visit. It’s time to tell the wider family.

Radio Times: Alice is desperate for all the gossip, and a surprising e-mail arrives for Pat and Tony.

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  • Despite his best efforts, Kenton is not very successful at selling Amy a cocktail – and the picture doesn’t change much when Alice arrives, shattered from an exam. Maybe Alice should have brought Brian for a Kenton stress-buster; with the Board meeting looming tomorrow he is very much on edge. She herself has her own stress-buster in the shape of Chris, who has been looking after her; she is bursting to hear about Amy’s relationship with her new boyfriend, Carl.
  • Tom is also visiting Jaxx, with a late delivery of sausages: a problem with the wrapping machine had put him behind with orders. He is able to report that Tony is doing well; he had been on a walk earlier and picked up the latest gossip on the ‘Ambridge from the air’ stunt that James and Leonie are planning for Easter Monday.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, there has been an email from Rich, a lovely message that says how much he enjoyed the visit, especially the pigs, and will come again when visiting Sharon’s parents. There is a photo too which Pat decides to have printed in town – several copies to announce his presence to the wider family, but they will first pass it by Tom and Helen. Later, when they ask Tom he has no objections. They wonder how Peggy, Jennifer and Lilian will take the news.

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