Brian wins the day: the dairy project goes to the planners.

Radio Times: Brian has a battle on his hands and Robert is left with chores to do.

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  • The BL Board assembles and Brian fears the worst. He will challenge them whether they are quitters or fighters? There has been some worrying news from Bridge Farm: Jennifer has been asked to make time to go there tomorrow, so could it be that Tony’s recovery is not going as well as they thought?
  • At Ambridge Hall, Lynda is on a drive to make it spick and span, especially the bits that are not normally seen from ground level. Poor Robert, he draws the line at removing moss from the roof. He is saved by the bell: Jamie rings from St Stephens with a report that the peregrines seem to have laid some eggs.
  • Annabelle chairs the meeting with a firm hand. There are good arguments on both sides. Brian lays it on the line: the meeting must deliver a straight yes or no. Some things have changed but the basic plan still is good for BL. If the planners throw it out then they must take it on the chin but they should not back down before that.
  • Post meeting, Brian turns down Annabelle’s offer of a whisky. He doesn’t feel like celebrating, though he did get the result he wanted – just. But he now has nowhere to hide: if anything goes wrong with the dairy project, his neck is on the chopping block.

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