News of Rich is passed to Peggy, Jennifer and Lilian.

Radio Times: Clarrie is curious. Meanwhile, Tony breaks his news to the family.

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  • Speculation is rife: why have they been summoned to Bridge Farm? Peggy always takes longer to get ready when she is worried, she needs to compose herself. While they wait Jennifer fills Lilian in on yesterday’s BL Board meeting.
  • In the dairy, Clarrie offers to clear up when Pat notices that her visitors have arrived. On the way home she speculates to Eddie about the significance of the family gathering. It’s nobody’s birthday and Jennifer said nothing when Clarrie saw her yesterday.
  • Tony quickly reassures his family that the news is not about him and apologises for ‘putting them through it’. When Pat joins them the story is told, from the first realisation that John had a son to the recent visit. They can see from the photo that Rich has something of John about him. How do Tom and Helen feel about it? Their part in the saga is explained. Of course, they won’t see Rich often because he has a full life in Leeds; that, observes Peggy, is as it should be.
  • When the family have gone, Pat and Tony agree that it went well. Jennifer was almost in tears. Rich has given them both such a lift; also, the bank have agreed to their loan for the polytunnel and to extending the interest-only mortgage. Look around, it’s wonderful to be alive.

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