Amy tells Alice about her mother stabbing a girl.

Radio Times: Amy needs to talk and Shula is embarrassed.

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  • Alan is very grateful that Shula took the donkey to St Stephens, though Pat Fletcher was less impressed when it tried to eat Pat Fletcher’s hat. Shula might also go to the Darrington Walk of Witness on Friday with Neil. He has something intriguing for the Parish Council to discuss on Wednesday.
  • Tom is trying to get out of any manual work again by not wanting to help move the pig arcs with Jazzer. But he needs him to put in extra hours so has to get mucky. Jolene’s plan for the helicopter flight is that The Bull customers should form the shape of a pair of bull’s horns in the car park. Jazzer isn’t impressed – he only popped into The Bull to sort out the quiz nights.
  • Chris is looking forward to taking over the forge on Thursday and invites Amy and her new boyfriend to join them but Amy still doesn’t want anyone to meet him. Eventually she tells Alice what she has found out about her mother stabbing a girl. She thought it said something about her and why she had a short temper. But having met Carl she is beginning to trust herself again so she doesn’t want to rush things.

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