Brian agrees to the making of a DVD of happy smiling outdoor cows to push the dairy.

Radio Times: Brian makes a breakthrough, and Tom feels overloaded.

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  • Tony offers to help Tom with the paperwork. Tom is a bit reluctant – he says he wants to get used to the accounts but seems to be more worried about the stress it would cause.
  • Rufus seems to thing that they are making progress with the PR for the dairy. He thinks the protests will just die away. And Annabelle thinks things are going well with the Council. Brian is more anxious about the Environment Agency. So Rufus thinks it’s worth one last push with a DVD of cows grazing happily in the field since some of the cows will be outside briefly when they are drying off. Even Annabelle thinks they are pushing their luck but Rufus is convinced it’s just within the law.
  • Brenda is getting worried about Tom being stressed and so treats him to a picnic. Tom says he is enjoying the responsibility and just wishes Tony would relax. Tom can already see a lot of ways of improving their admin including upgrading the software but he doesn’t want Tony to think he is being pushed out of the way. Brenda thinks it’s a sensible thing to do if it takes some of the work off his shoulders. Tom has to do what he has to do. Tony will see it’s for the good of the farm.

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