The Parish Council decide to approach Borchester Land to gift a piece of land as part of the Fields in Trust scheme.

Radio Times: Jill is overruled, and Tony is keen to help.

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  • Tony is now trying to help Pat in the dairy. He’s getting a bit fed up with sitting around and no one will let him do anything. And he is worried about Pat overdoing things too, and Tom. He really thinks he could do the admin. He knows his way round every bit of the computer system. Pat tries to persuade him he just needs to be patient a little while longer.
  • The beginning of the Parish Council seems to be an opportunity for gossip. Lily is delighted she is going to ring at the St George’s Day service, that and her trip to Paris next week. The helicopter flight has been finalised for next Monday for the Easter Monday Fair. Jim is running out of people to compliment – Derek Fletcher was scraping the barrel.
  • The exciting discussion at the Parish Council about the village joining the Fields in Trust campaign. They identify a bit between the shop and the river that the children play on. Trouble is it owned by Borchester Land. Oliver and Lynda are keen to approach them but Jill is very reluctant. She hates the way BL are trying to buy favours. Jim, however, thinks they might drive the dairy scheme through anyway so they might as well try to get something out of them in return.

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