Adam still hopes the dairy will be derailed.

Radio Times: The atmosphere at Home Farm is strained. Meanwhile, Pip is on the lookout for a photogenic fowl.

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  • Adam and Brian are working together on deer worming. Brian is thinking it mightn’t be a bad idea to give the land to the Parish Council. Adam suggests even the Parish Council has its price. Brian carries on trying to have a chat about family things and Adam answers him but isn’t prepared to go as far as sitting down with him for a cup of tea.
  • David is clearing out an area of the farm for the new slurry tank. Some of the wood at least will do for the Jubilee Beacon. Eddie tells David how George is getting on. He’s not doing so well with his schoolwork but loves helping Will. David notes how happy Will is with Nic.
  • Pip is taking photos of the laying chickens for the Brookfield blog. It’s hard to choose between which one is cuter. And then she has work to do before Young Farmers.
  • Jennifer is still dropping in on Chris and Alice endlessly. Adam hints she should leave them alone but Jennifer doesn’t hear it. Adam admits he is still finding it hard to get on with Brian. His opinions haven’t changed and he still hopes the plans will be derailed.

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