Pat persuades Tom to find Tony something to do and Alice and Chris christen the forge.

Radio Times: Things begin to heat up at the forge, and Pat drops a friendly hint.

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  • Christopher makes his first piece symbolising strength, luck and eternal love and Alice strikes the final blow. Things begin to heat up between them when Jennifer turns up AGAIN with champagne to interrupt. Alice has already seen enough of her mother, the Jennifer might have seen more than she expected. Does Alice have anything on under those overalls?
  • Brian’s temper rises again when he reads the Echo which has yet more negative stories. She tries to distract him with soup but he just charges off to ring Rufus.
  • Tom is still working hard. Pat tries to feed him but he’s looking forward to home made curry for tea. She tries to find something that Tony can do to stop him feeling useless. He says he’ll try to think of something.

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