Tom, kindly, delegate the admin of the veg boxes to Tony and tells him that once he has sorted out the office he is sure Tony will be able to help more.

Radio Times: Annabelle and Brian make battle plans. Meanwhile, Brenda grows concerned.

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  • Brenda is imagining Amside is so busy that working on a bank holiday is no option. But Jazzer is still trying to drum up support for the Easter Quiz. And Tony is another of his targets later in the day. But Tony has decided he is just getting in everyone’s way.
  • After some un-Lenten Gossip, Annabelle and Brian are planning what to do about the Echo articles. They think they have some positive points to make environmentally and Brian thinks he has found out that the article in the Echo was written by a serious anti mega dairy activist so a letter in the Echo might help and Rufus is determined to battle on.
  • Tom has got another order from a local deli. And he has more post offering him some work. Brenda wants to see him home early but the polytunnel company have lost his order and so there will be a two or three week delay. Brenda encourages him to think about delegating more to Tony but Tom clearly wants to stay in control.
  • Tom makes up a pretend job for Tony to find a source of cabbages for the veg boxes and also no payments have happened for some customers. So Tony is happy to take on the admin for the veg boxes and will start tomorrow. Tom thinks Tony will be great, once they’ve sorted out a few things in the office…

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