Tony fights to regain control of Bridge Farm. James and Leonie just fight.

Radio Times: Lilian is caught in a conflict zone and Fallon plays peacemaker.

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  • It seems that The Bull is doing a roaring trade on Easter Day. Tom and Brenda will be joining Pat and Tony there for lunch, while Lilian has also booked a table. Fallon is up early to organise the Easter Egg hunt for the children. Both Grundy brothers are spotted with their respective families, though they are not noticeably interacting.
  • Tom does the milking and intends to catch up on paperwork, though Brenda insists that they should spend some of the day together. Over lunch, Tony offers to do more to ease Tom’s load, but while constantly complaining about his own workload, Tom seems very reluctant to let Tony get his hands on running the farm. When Tony hears that Tom has upgraded the management system without consulting him, he is not pleased, so Tom is forced to give his father some tuition on it after lunch.
  • Lilian’s Easter Day is spoilt by Leonie and James having arguments. Matt has wisely found an urgent need to be at the golf club, so does not join them for lunch. Lilian is just glad that the weather is promising for the helicopter flight, so that she can be rid of the warring duo for a while.
  • Tony is unimpressed by the new system; he thinks they managed perfectly well before, but it is increasingly clear that Tom intends to make decisions in future.

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