Jamie gives Alistair something to think about. Leonie gives her father something to think about.

Radio Times: James and Leonie take to the air while Alistair seeks refuge.

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  • The ghastly duo Leonie and James continue to squabble while Lynda and Robert try hard to make conversation. On their way to the airfield where they are to meet the helicopter, they get lost, which gives Leonie further opportunity to snarl at James.
  • Alistair calls at The Bull for a quiet lunch, but is persuaded by Jolene to take part in the formation of bull’s horns for the helicopter. He is also waylaid by Jamie, whose girlfriend wants to come along to the youth practices, with some of her friends. Alistair seems unfamiliar with equal opportunities, but nobly says he has no objection in principle.
  • As Alistair is trying to explain Jamie’s proposition to Robert, the helicopter comes in to sight. Jolene frantically musters all hands to form up and wave, and right on cue the Brownies Easter parade comes into view.
  • Back home, Robert takes a call from Leonie, who tells him James wanted the helicopter to swoop low over the church so that he could photograph the peregrines. This gives her the opportunity to have several more jibes about James, before he arrives and the pair can be heard still squabbling as they leave for London. Robert is concerned, but Lynda tries to reassure him that all relationships have sticky patches.

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