Tony gets back to work. Pat gets busy campaigning. Usha gets a holiday.

Radio Times: Tom finds there are not enough hours in the day, and Ruth is feeling nervous.

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  • Tom does the early milking, and loses no time in moaning yet again about how busy he is. Brenda brings his mobile, which he forget, and Tom complains that he has missed two calls already, as well as not having time to take the burger van to the point-to-point.
  • As Ruth trims cows’ hooves, Usha calls with her house keys. She and Alan are off to Marrakesh for a week, so Ruth will keep an eye on the Vicarage. Ruth seems preternaturally interested in whether Amy will be bringing Carl back there once Alan and Usha have gone.
  • Tom tells Pat it is time they advertised for a relief milker. Tony overhears, and immediately offers to get back to milking. Pat is horrified, but Brenda adds weight to Tony’s argument, saying it will do him good and that Tom is under too much pressure. Tom later thanks Brenda for her support. Meanwhile Tony will do afternoon milking on alternate days.
  • Pat calls at Brookfield to sound Ruth out about a final attack on Brian’s scheme before it goes to the planning committee. She thinks an article in the local paper about Ed’s venture would show people what happy, unstressed cows look like, compared to Brian’s projected indoor, factory-farmed ones. Ruth thinks Ed will be happy to benefit from the advertising.

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