Brian is optimistic. Amy is excited. Alice is angry. Jennifer is interfering. Pat is annoyed.

Radio Times: Amy is on a high, and Ed considers sticking his neck out.

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  • A more cheerful Brian finds Jennifer watching the DVD produced by Rufus. He is pleased with it and has instructed Rufus to get copies sent out at once. Meanwhile the website tells him that the mega-dairy plans are marked as ‘recommended for approval’, though the Environment Agency still have reservations about the quantity of slurry that it will produce. He will get busy on the phone to ensure that the environmental survey is in place by Tuesday.
  • Alice prepares Chris’ favourite lasagne before she and Amy go shopping. Amy is very excited about her romantic weekend away with Carl, and chooses sexy underwear and a new dress.
  • Pat arranges to meet Ed, and puts her idea of media coverage of his farm to him. Ed is touched at her thought, but turns it down; he rents land from BL, and needs it, so really can’t oppose BL’s plan. Not only that; Mike is in favour of the plan, and that could cause problems. Pat is not pleased to have this setback, but tries to see Ed’s position.
  • Jennifer takes a venison casserole round to Alice. Since Alice is out, she lets herself in and starts clearing up the kitchen. When Alice returns, she is furious, and makes her feelings about her mother’s interference in her marriage very clear.

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