A new arrival in Ambridge sets hearts beating and the Cider Club drink a toast.

Radio Times: Mike is determined to receive his dues and Pip has cow concerns.

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  • Vicky is busy planting her garden in red white and blue for the Jubilee, before doing a shift in the shop; Mike’s thoughts are focused on tonight’s meeting of the Cider Club and taking a load of wood up to the Ambridge Jubilee beacon.
  • A worried Pip rings David. The calves are scouring, and she thinks it might be BVD. David tries to reassure her, without success, so agrees to speak to Alistair.
  • In the shop Jim fulminates against Brian and his business plans. He is incensed that Brian should think he can buy the village off. Afterwards Bert comments on the change in Jim since Lent; his lavish compliment-paying seems to have given way to the more familiar explosions of wrath. When a handsome stranger arrives, asking for directions to the cricket field, Vicky is completely bowled over. It is none other than Iftikhar, the new coach. Later Alistair shows Ifty the cricket facilities, and they discuss how to go about the training.
  • David tells Pip that Alistair thinks she is worrying without cause. If it was BVD, the calves would be showing signs of pneumonia. The scouring is more likely the result of too much fresh grass.
  • The Cider Club meeting gets under way, and Mike is determined to get his own back on Jim for his payment formula. Mike claims that his flagon is an old Borsetshire measure, and he demands that Jim should fill it. As more members arrive, they drink a toast to Tony and a full recovery.

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