Brian finds he can’t convince everyone. Tom finds something missing. Tony finds himself being useful.

Radio Times: There is a stroke of bad luck for Tom. Meanwhile, David tries to be fair.

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  • Tom, frantically busy as he finds time to tell everyone, goes to help Jazzer move the pigs. As he goes to the shed to fetch the quad bike, he finds the door forced and the quad bike missing. Tony immediately offers to ring the police and the insurers, though yet again the overworked Tom seems reluctant to let Tony deal with it.
  • Ruth and David chat about the calves. David is convinced that there is nothing seriously wrong with them, and the proud parents congratulate themselves on having a daughter who is so interested in the farm. They are interrupted by a call from Brian who wants to see them both. David says he can spare ten minutes, but thinks Ruth is too busy. Then Tony rings to tell David about the theft. David will alert other farmers.
  • Brian arrives with his DVD which David is forced to watch. Brian enthuses about the pampered cows it shows; he is sure the animal rights lobby will be entirely convinced when they see it. David remains non-committal.
  • Ruth meets Pat, and learns that Ed has refused to appear in the anti-mega-dairy media coverage for fear of retaliation on the part of BL. Pat can understand his reasons, but Ruth is angry that BL should hold people to ransom in this way.
  • Ruth returns just as Brian is leaving, and tells him exactly what she thinks; BL is using its financial muscle to get its own way. She harangues Brian for some minutes before he manages to beat a retreat.
  • Tony obtains a crime number so the insurance claim can be made. He announces that he intends to take more work off Tom’s hands now; he will milk this evening and maybe tomorrow as well. Tom suggests they wait and see. Pat is very upset by the theft. Just as they get back on their feet this comes along.

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