Pat prepares for action. Tony must slow down. Leonie and James hit the buffers.

Radio Times: There is a full house at Ambridge Hall. Meanwhile, Tony may have bitten off more than he can chew.

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  • 10 o’clock! Tony is amazed but clearly very tired to have had such a lie in.
  • There is no lying in at Ambridge Hall: last week’s B&B guests enjoyed themselves so much that they want to stay another week, so Robert has twice as many breakfasts to cook. A call from Leonie announces that she has left James and is on her way; so there’s a bed crisis looming and Robert has to proceed directly to the station. Leonie arrives with no luggage – she couldn’t stay another minute with that man. He is a complete barbarian, an emotional sadist with no understanding of women.
  • Much later Tony puts in an appearance: he had gone back to sleep. So Tom suggests that he tried to do too much and insists that he must take it easy, doing the milking only once in the coming week and twice in the following week. He can do more in the office though. Meanwhile Pat is incensed by the news that Brian’s DVD has gone to all the councillors who will be debating the dairy application on Tuesday. She hasn’t seen it yet but has no trouble branding it as gross misrepresentation.
  • The Snells’ accommodation problem is resolved by putting a folding bed into Robert’s study. Leonie doesn’t want to talk about James, though it only takes a few words from Lynda, rather unwisely weighing in with criticism of the man, to send her off on another rant. Such a shame: those two deserved each other.

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