A slack news day in Ambridge. Nothing happened. Nobody knows anything new.

Radio Times: Usha is keen to engineer a meeting and Brian is feeling edgy.

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  • To the surprise of her father, Amy came home last night, albeit rather late. Alan and Usha did manage to extract a comment that her weekend was wonderful and they might possibly have got more information had they not monopolised the conversation with tales of Marrakech. Amy is planning a visit to Alice; impecunious as she and Chris are, Alice will appreciate Amy’s weekend in the Cotswolds vicariously. As for meeting Carl, Usha is left in no doubt that it will happen when the time is right; Amy does not want to rush things.
  • Lynda is keen to rope Adam in to swell the ranks of the anti-dairy brigade at tomorrow’s planning meeting. It’s an offer he finds easy to refuse. Meanwhile Brian is rejoicing in the good reception his DVD has had; support is coming from unexpected quarters.
  • Fed up with dairy talk, Jennifer has taken refuge in the Grey Gables pool. She is not best pleased to be accosted by Lynda but softens when Lynda explains about the breakup of James and Leonie. Jennifer has not been in touch with Lilian recently, so can add no new information. She mounts a rather weak defence of her nephew’s character; truth to tell, she hasn’t much time for him herself and is amazed the relationship has lasted this long.
  • It is Adam’s misfortune that, needing to check on the computer when the wheat was sprayed, he has to endure Brian’s commentary on the progress (or lack thereof) on the dairy project planning application. Is the Environment Agency dragging its feet deliberately? It could go either way. Brian is reasonably confident but not 100% sure. Yawn!

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