Brian wins the day – pending the Environment Agency report.

Radio Times: Brian squares up to his opponents but it is unclear what the planning committee will decide.

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  • Decision day for the dairy project planning application has arrived – perhaps: the essential report from the Environment Agency has still not been received; the Chairman fancifully hopes it will arrive during the meeting. Hattie Marshall makes her pitch on behalf of the objectors in general and Borchester Against Factory Farming in particular. The danger of an accident polluting the both the Am and the ground water is a prominent plank of her argument which is greeted by enough cheering to threaten the gallery being cleared.
  • Veteran councillor Esther Sutton argues for the benefits to the local economy. Martin Sykes, on the other hand, has not bought the BL DVD and refers to a grotesque blot on the landscape. The Chief Planning Officer’s report supports the application: traffic will not be significantly increased; the building design is appropriate and anyway will be screened; there are no planning reasons to refuse. It all hangs on the Environment Agency report. The committee narrowly vote to delegate the decision to the CPO.
  • Brian is quick to seize the opportunity of an interview on Radio Borsetshire, claiming that the committee were broadly in favour and, though the all-important EA report is still to come, he is confident of a favourable outcome.

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