One of Lilian’s tenants does a moonlight flit.

Radio Times: Lynda works out who is to blame and Elona forges a friendship.

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  • There’s trouble at the Hillside flats where Harry and Jazzer live: their neighbours have moved out in a hurry. Brenda is despatched to investigate just as Lynda visits Lilian to get her view of the break-up of their respective offspring. Each sticks up for their own family member without illuminating the matter. Stalemate!
  • Brenda reports back that the flat is in a bit of a state, though the suggestion that Jazzer’s loud music might have driven the tenants out is unlikely – the sound-proofing is working well. Maybe Darrell could do the repairs.
  • Peggy calls to see Tony and is treated to a demonstration of the updated farm management software that Tom has installed. It cost a bit but will save him lots of time.
  • Back home Brenda is entertaining her neighbour Elona, who thinks life in Ambridge is expensive. Her daughter Anna has musical talent and is recommended piano lessons – but they can’t afford them; if only Darrell could get regular work. When Tom returns, he finds that Brenda already knows about cousin James’ love life. Tom thinks it’s a shame: those two deserved each other. (Has he been reading these summaries?)

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