Relief is in sight for Robert and Lynda: Leonie makes other plans.

Radio Times: Leonie refuses to listen, and Jill tackles a fresh culinary challenge.

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  • Leonie is making her presence felt at Ambridge Hall and Robert has had to ask her to turn the music down – again. He found her rather drunk, having dropped a bottle of milk and not making a very good job of clearing it up. Now they are short of milk. Lynda has to go to work, so he must try again to talk some reasonableness into her. Good luck!
  • Jill is having tea with Elizabeth; business has been a bit slack at Lower Loxley. The fact that Jill was planning the visit was let out by Lily; it was supposed to be a secret – something to do with Elizabeth’s birthday on Saturday – so she shouldn’t ask questions. After her trip to Paris, Lily’s French has come on greatly; she is really getting up Freddie’s nose. Actually, it’s a French gateau that Jill is going to help her make – but not a word to Elizabeth.
  • Robert tries to get through to Leonie to show more consideration to their guests; they want the guests to come back; they need the money. She takes it as an indication that they don’t want her here – too right in her present mode. Later Lynda has a go, with similar result; the news that James is suffering too is greeted with incredulity and the accusation that they don’t believe her.
  • Leonie later interrupts the gardening – not to help, it’s not her thing – but to ask a huge favour of her father: could he get hold of a van? Actually two favours – could he drive her to London in it to collect her stuff from James’ flat? Three favours – could she store her stuff here until she can get her own flat back? She won’t be coming back as she will stay with a friend in London. Tomorrow perhaps? Lynda assures her, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, that tomorrow will be absolutely fine.

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