Alan still seeks a meeting with Carl; Usha meets him by chance.

Radio Times: Brian is impatient, and Usha is impressed.

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  • Over breakfast, Amy reveals that her plans for the day include lunch with Carl. Even though he has been told not to, and should know better anyway, Alan can’t resist raising the topic of meeting him. It does him no good.
  • At Home Farm, Brian is spending his time staring at the phone, monitoring emails and denigrating the Environment Agency. If this is supposed to speed up the issue of their report it’s not working.
  • Cuddling on the sofa at Jaxx, Amy is filling Carl in on aspects of life in Ambridge, including the most colourful Archer who runs this joint. One of the disadvantages of village life is that everybody knows your business. Oh no! Too late! Usha has just walked in and she and Amy have seen each other.
  • As she reports to Alan later, Carl was the perfect gentleman, insisting that Usha join them. He is in his early 30s, very good looking, seems as smitten with Amy as she is with him and he gets Usha’s vote.
  • Jennifer tries to lure Brian into the weekend with a report of Robert’s visit to James’ flat this morning; apparently he had to referee squabbles over who has what. But Brian is not interested; he seems bent on spending all weekend dwelling on the EA delays; if it’s not resolved by Thursday’s BL Board meeting, he will have to resign. Jennifer won’t be unhappy if he does: she’s had her fill of the dairy project.

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