Amy has agreed to bring Carl home for a cup of tea tomorrow.

Radio Times: Brian refuses to listen. Meanwhile, cricket practice proves to be surprisingly popular.

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  • Adam and Ian are interested in watching the cricket training with Ifty. Ian isn’t convinced it’s his training tactics Adam is interested in. Brian is still frustrated waiting for the decision and Adam isn’t looking forward to disturbing him to take over in the lambing shed. Brian loses concentration helping to weigh the lambs and is knocked over and ends up bleeding. Adam wants to send him back to the farm but Brian won’t listen.
  • Amy has finally agreed to bring Carl back for a cup of tea. Usha tells Alan he is charming and that they will get on like a house on fire. But Alan is worried he will let Amy down. He even suggests doing the vacuuming. Alan is going on retreat on Wednesday and Thursday which means Usha will have to go to a Chamber of Commerce do on her own.
  • There is certainly quite a crowd at the cricket. It’s amazing how many young have turned up – even Nic with Jake and Mia claiming that they might be interested in joining one day. A lot of girls are actually playing too, thanks to Natalie. It’s a pity the real team isn’t so enthusiastic. Ifty might even have found the possibility of a grant for some equipment.
  • Telling Ian about the accident Adam says he was surprised to find he was quite worried about him for a moment, but then it was back to normal when Brian mentioned the EA decision. Adam thinks the dairy will probably go ahead. The EA would have to have some really significant objections to block such a significant scheme.

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