Alan and Usha think Carl is a wonderful young man.

Radio Times: Alan is late for an important meeting and Tom takes a well-earned breather.

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  • Jill and Alan enjoy listening to the St Stephen’s bells on St George’s Day. Jill wishes Phil was there. It is his birthday and Lily would have made him so proud. The children are a great comfort to Elizabeth and Jill.
  • Usha and Amy are ready for Carl’s visit but Alan is missing. Usha tries to convince Amy he is just calming his nerves but Amy is just wondering where he is. Jill had got Alan chatting and he forgot the time and so turned up very late. Usha and Carl seemed to enjoy chatting though. Carl still talks about visiting his Gran every weekend in her home. When Alan does turn up, they are amazed that Amy’s grandmother and Carl’s grandmother came from the same place in Jamaica. And they talk about how it is to arrive in the UK. Finally they leave and agree that Carl will come round for dinner. Alan and Usha think he is a lovely young man. Mabel will be buying a hat. It’s so good Amy has a young man that makes her happy.
  • Tom seems to be getting things gradually sorted out at the farm. The poly tunnel is under order and Underwood’s have increased their order for sausages. And Tom has got their feed supplier to agree to a discount – and Tom is shocked that Tony had never asked before. There must be loads of money to be saved on the farm. And the police have found his quad bike!

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