Peggy very firmly tells Pat that Tony must take Tom’s plans more seriously for the future of Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Tony grapples with technology and David turns detective.

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  • Tom is feeling really positive though he hasn’t had much time to spend on the ready meals. Brenda thinks he should put them on hold for the time being but Tom wants to go ahead.
  • The slurry tank is coming on well but still a while before they can use it. All that money because of a few badgers. Pip is still looking keen on the farm but David is beginning to wonder whether it would be better if not all the children wanted to work on the farm and seems to be favouring Josh…. He says he wants to encourage them all in what they wanted to do.
  • Tony has been “helping out” out in the office and Tom isn’t impressed by the results. He reports his found quad bike to David and that a guy is being charged with possession of stolen goods. But David has been told about a suspicious car at Home Farm and is going to have a look; he finds nothing so maybe all the security arrangements have scared them off. Once Tom realises the mess Tony is making in the office, despite Tony’s protestations he decides to put the ready meals on hold until things are calmer.
  • Peggy reports things are getting very tense at Home Farm with Alice waiting for her exam results and Brian still waiting to hear from the Environment Agency.
  • Peggy takes Pat to task about Tony’s attitude to Tom’s projects. Those things are essential to Bridge Farm’s future but Tony seems to think they are an add on and not the key.

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