Alice passes her exams, Chris’s van is broken into BUT Usha comes across Carl at the Chamber of Commerce do with Rochelle, his wife.

Radio Times: Usha makes an unfortunate discovery, and Chris punishes himself.

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  • Jennifer is pleased that the Environment Agency have passed the dairy plans. Alice is less interested in that than that Chris’s van was broken into overnight and some tools stolen. Maybe it was related to the strange car that was reported to David. The locks on the van were wrecked too and so he is off the road for a couple of days. Alice is pretty fed up but doesn’t want Jennifer to fuss. But at least, as an aside, she passed her exams.
  • Chris is blaming himself for the break in and for snapping at Alice. And supposing the insurance won’t pay up. Alice tries to “cheer Chris up” but, once again, Jennifer invites herself in without knocking and with a bottle of wine. Chris and Jennifer are pleased she has passed but Alice is still worrying about her project. Jennifer invites them to join her and Brian for a meal out for a joint celebration but Chris has already booked somewhere for just the two of them. Alice finally throws Jennifer out but not without a lot of resistance! And then Chris admits he hadn’t booked anywhere, he just wanted to avoid Jennifer too.
  • Annabelle and Usha meet up at the Chamber of Commerce do. And while Annabelle is busy, Usha bumps into Carl at the bar. Carl certainly sounds very guilty and dashes off. Later Usha quizzes Annabelle, and indeed, as expected, Carl is at the reception with Rochelle – his wife.

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