Adam is knocked out by the gang of thieves that have been around Ambridge and is still unconscious.

Radio Times: Adam takes matters into his own hands and Usha tries to find out more.

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  • Adam has now seen sight of another suspicious vehicle including a low loader. They’ve called the police but they can’t come immediately so David offers to go round. He comes across them and they nearly run him over. Then David finds Adam unconscious.
  • Usha sees Amy at breakfast. She mentions Carl and how he feels about Amy working nights. Usha wonders what he does. Amy just thinks he must be sitting at home pining for her. Usha continues to press on the amount of time Carl spends with his Nan. But Amy sees it as positive that he is a real family man and she is really pleased that Alan and Usha like him. Amy has noticed that Usha hasn’t been happy with Alan being away. Usha agree she will be glad to have him back.
  • Brian and Jennifer are enjoying their celebratory dinner. Not only did they agree a vote of thanks to Brian but BL also agreed to gift the spare land to the village for the Jubilee. So things are looking good, even if opposition won’t be totally over.
  • Adam is still unconscious when the ambulance arrives and David is told to wait for the police and to notify other people who need to know. He calls Brian and Jennifer in the restaurant and they rush to the hospital. They have called Ian and David says he would recognise the thieves if they saw him again. The Doctor says that they need to do a scan and get a neurosurgeon to assess the results. Jennifer is panicking but Brian just tells her they need to hope for the best.

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