Adam is still unconscious and the panic means Usha doesn’t get chance to tell Alan about Carl being married.

Radio Times: The family waits anxiously. Meanwhile, Ian is in need of support.

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  • Usha is so pleased to see Alan back.
  • Adam is still unconscious. Ian and Jennifer are both trying to talk to him. She is sure it helps – Brian remembered some of the things she said to him after his car accident. At least with Brian’s two accidents it wasn’t done deliberately. David has gone to try to identify the people concerned. Ian won’t leave Adam though, not until he comes round.
  • David has definitely identified the driver and the passenger. Whether the police will ever find them though…
  • Alan presses Usha to find out what is on her mind. She is about to tell him about Carl when Ruth rings to tell her what happened with Adam. Later Usha does talk to Ruth and she says she realises how this puts things into perspective. Problems which seem so huge…..
  • Ian and Brian have a heart to heart when Alan turns up. Alan tries to help but Ian doesn’t know what he’ll do if Adam doesn’t wake up. They are all taking shifts with Adam but at least Brian has persuaded Ian to have a nap for an hour or two.

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