The family’s anxiety over Adam continues. Usha’s anxiety over Carl continues.

Radio Times: Carl pays a surprise visit, and Alice is keen to help.

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  • With Adam’s condition unchanged, the family continue to keep watch at his bedside. They are finding it hard to keep talking to him, so Alice brings a new CD to play to him.
  • Alan finds Usha preoccupied, but assumes it is because she has worries at work. Amy is home for lunch, and Alan comments that it is a shame she is not seeing Carl over the weekend. Just as Usha appears to be about to confide her worries about Carl to Alan, Amy arrives with the news that Carl will be picking her up after lunch.
  • Peggy visits Adam, and chats happily away about Darrell and Elona. Jennifer seems most upset that Debbie is not there; even Kate offered to take the next flight home. Ian confides to Alice that the worst thing for him is that there is no change in Adam’s condition. They all so need Adam back with them.
  • Carl arrives with flowers for Usha and a bottle of Rioja for Alan. While Alan is impressed by Carl’s smooth talking, Usha remains quiet, especially when Carl glibly tells her that he was caught up with people he had no wish to see at the Chamber of Commerce evening. Alan insists that he must come for a meal, but it seems that the smooth-talking Carl has to go away on business. As he and Amy leave, Usha goes to phone Ruth.

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