Adam makes several people happy. Usha is afraid of making two people unhappy.

Radio Times: Jennifer’s hopes are raised, and Usha searches for a confidante.

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  • After several fruitless attempts to contact Debbie, Jennifer finally manages to get through, only to be told Debbie is in a meeting but will ring back. When she does, Jennifer is angry, and tells Debbie how much she is needed at home. Debbie says flatly that she in not able to leave Hungary because there is no-one else to carry out tricky negotiations with the government over land release.
  • Usha meets Ruth for lunch and tells her about Carl. Despite using her most caring voice, Ruth is unable to offer much help, though she is unable to understand why Usha has not told Alan. Usha admits that her worst fear is that Amy does know he is married; that would hurt Alan more than anything.
  • Jennifer tells Adam about the farm, and sees his eyelids flutter. She calls the nurse, who in turn summons a doctor. Adam is indeed coming round. Jennifer rushes to phone Ian, who leaves work and comes straight away.
  • Usha manages to put her foot in it by talking about the effects love has on people. It reminds Ruth painfully of her dalliance with Sam. Usha can see how happy Amy is, but not only is she going to be hurt, Alan is too.
  • As Ian arranges Adam’s hair for him, Adam manages to whisper some words. Ian tells him he is in hospital. Then Jennifer arrives and holds her phone to Adam’s ear; he hears Debbie’s voice, and she tells him how much she loves him.

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