Brian is very pleased with himself, but there may still be opposition.

Radio Times: Brian is thinking positively. Meanwhile Pat considers her options.

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  • In the dairy Susan and Pat discuss the maypole dancing. Susan reminisces about the year Tracy was chosen to be Queen of the May; she would love Chelsea to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but there is strong competition from the Button sisters. Tracy is still looking for a job. Susan thinks the main reason she has had no luck is simply Tracy herself.
  • Tom shows Tony how to operate the new computer software, and Tony is finding it hard. When Tom comes to see what he has done, he discovers that Tony failed to save his work, so has wasted a lot of time and effort. Tom does his best to encourage Tony, who feels a total failure.
  • A happy Jennifer tells Brian that Adam is saying more and out of Intensive Care, but she is worried that there might be underlying damage, like Brian’s epilepsy. Brian reassures her. After all, BL now have planning permission for the mega-dairy, so what can possibly go wrong?
  • Susan and Pat discuss the mega-dairy. The opponents are considering an appeal, but Susan is quick to say that she must stay out of this now that she is related to the Aldridges. With remarkable restraint, Pat points out that they too are related to them.
  • Brian tells Jennifer that the consultants will have the tender ready by the end of the week, all being well. It feels good to have the pressure off now that planning permission is granted. Brian intends contacting Felpersham University to see if they can recommend a student to give them some help until Adam recovers. Meanwhile Jennifer will get the caravans ready for the fruit pickers.

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