Carl is forced to change his plans. Usha is forced to keep silent again. The fête committee is forced to adopt Lynda’s idea.

Radio Times: Usha is frustrated. Meanwhile, it is unclear whether Lynda will be a good sport.

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  • Amy and Carl enjoy a romantic lunch. Carl is off on his business trip to Bristol, but Amy has a plan; she will come with him. Clearly taken aback, Carl tries to dissuade her, but Amy insists on coming too.
  • Jill and Jim enjoy watching the primary school children rehearsing their maypole dance, coached by Lynda. Jill is particularly pleased that BL have given a piece of land to the village.
  • Alan has a busy day, so once again Usha has no opportunity to tell him what is on her mind. Instead she plans a special tea so that she and Amy can have a chat. But this plan falls apart when an ecstatic Amy breezes in saying she has to pack quickly because she is going to Bristol with Carl.
  • The Ambridge fête committee tries to decide on a theme for the fête. As usual Lynda dismisses everyone else’s ideas and holds forth about some sort of cultural Olympic Games. This gives Jim an opportunity for offering some classical background. Usha fails to keep her mind on the discussion, so ends up supporting Lynda.
  • After dinner in their hotel, Amy tells Carl how happy she is. He tells her that his philosophy is to seize the moment

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