Lynda sees something nasty. Usha sees sense in what Ruth suggests. Amy sees a rosy future with Carl.

Radio Times: Jim is sceptical, and Amy’s making plans.

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  • Lynda takes Jim on a walk, when Scruff rushes off barking after a squirrel. When Lynda finally catches up with him, Scruff appears to have had a shock. Lynda catches a glimpse of a large animal – some sort of Big Cat. Jim is not convinced; it must be a fox.
  • Usha tells Ruth the latest about Carl and Amy. She wonders how he can lie to her in the way he is doing, when he can see how happy she is. He is a brilliant liar, it seems. Not only that; she is sure he came round on Sunday just to establish whether Usha had told either Amy or Alan the truth. Ruth tells Usha she must tell Alan, then, with a consummate lack of tact, tells Usha how level-headed Spencer is and how much he loves Pip.
  • With most of the day to spend together, Carl says he wishes every day could be like this. Amy tells him it can; she will move in with him. For once the smooth-talking but very shaken Carl is lost for words.

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