Adam is unable to remember. Amy is unable to see the truth. Carl is unable to commit.

Radio Times: Ian provides reassurance and Amy jumps the gun.

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  • Debbie rings Ian to see how Adam is. Ian is concerned about Adam’s headaches and dizziness, though he is told these are normal after a head injury. The physio and OT are pleased with his progress and he should soon be allowed home. Debbie is delighted; Adam’s discharge should coincide with her visit to Ambridge.
  • Anxious to help out, Alice cleans the caravans with Jennifer. She has more time than she thought, as Amy has stood her up to go away with Carl. Alice wonders if the relationship might not be a bit too intense.
  • Over breakfast Amy continues to press Carl over her moving in with him. He puts up a number of arguments against the idea, but Amy is just not listening. She loves him and he loves her, so why wait?
  • Adam has regained his habitual sullen and resentful tone, so must be on the mend. He is cross because the hospital insists he should stay over the weekend. Even the prospect of an appearance by Debbie fails to improve his mood. The police have interviewed him, but he can remember very little of the attack.
  • Amy rings Alice to tell her what a wonderful few days they had in Bristol, and that they are making the relationship permanent, with Amy moving in to Carl’s flat. Alice is unable to conceal her surprise, but Amy fails to notice because her mobile rings. It’s Carl.
  • Carl has something he must tell Amy; he realises that she wants something he is not able to give her, commitment. He is sorry, but it is all over.

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