Amy discovers that Usha had known for a week that her romance was doomed – but said nothing.

Radio Times: Usha puts her foot in it, while Alice has to change her plans.

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  • Where’s Amy? She’s in her room sobbing and Usha administers tea and sympathy. But then she puts her foot in it by letting it out that Carl is married and that she has known for more than a week. Amy is astonished; why didn’t Usha tell her – or tell her father? And she is disgusted that Usha even entertained the thought that Amy would knowingly have an affair with a married man. She flies from the house.
  • Alan returns home and learns what has happened. Amy is not answering her phone. He is angry with Usha that she didn’t tell him and disappointed that Usha really doesn’t know Amy at all.
  • Amy confides in Alice; she needs to talk and she cannot go back home. She is still finding it hard to understand and still clutching at straws, trying to find ways in which Usha might have got the story wrong. Alice is more realistic but even she doesn’t have the answer to what Usha was thinking of, keeping the information to herself. Amy will never forgive her.
  • Alan is still trying to get in touch. He finally has the inspiration to ring Alice and learns that she is safe but not coming home tonight. But home is where she should be: in all the years since her mother died, there has never been a time when Amy couldn’t talk to her dad. Now Alan finds he needs time alone, to think and pray for some sort of guidance.

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