Temperatures rise in the burger van; Tom needs more help.

Radio Times: Alan offers some comfort, and there is a homecoming in the village.

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  • A rather enfeebled Adam returns home; he won’t be joining in with the May Day celebrations or playing cricket just yet, though it seems that Ambridge are seriously under strength.
  • Tom is exasperated with Tony’s efforts to ‘help’ in the farm office and Brenda is exasperated with Tom’s perpetual moaning about it. He must sort it out with his parents. Meanwhile they have customers waiting for burgers and sausages.
  • Alan has called unannounced to see Amy and Alice persuades her not to send him away; he loves her and only wants to help. She couldn’t have talked to her dad earlier but it comes pouring out now; Carl made all the running and she really loved him. They were all taken in by him, including Usha.
  • Leaving Amy and Alan to talk, Alice visits Adam. He is asleep but pleased to see her. Ian announces that Caroline has given him the week off to cook nutritious meals and wait on Adam hand and foot. Alice wonders if they want a house guest.
  • All is quiet in the burger van at the end of a very busy day but if Tom doesn’t put that phone away Brenda will not be doing it again! Tom has so many calls on his time that he needs to be on the farm. He will have to get someone else to help out and he might have someone in mind.

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