Tom recruits Pip to take his place in Gourmet Grills.

Radio Times: David hears of a development and Pip gets an offer.

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  • Didn’t Ruth tell her – Usha should share with Amy what she knew about Carl, for it will come out sooner or later. Now Ruth has discovered that it has indeed come out and in the worst possible way. Pip is home early to do some work in the peaceful surroundings of Brookfield and she has had a text from Tom who wants to come over and talk to her this evening.
  • Ian brings back all the latest gossip from the shop: Jim has seen ‘the beast’ again though Adam is convinced it was an alcohol-assisted sighting.
  • Tom duly calls to talk to Pip and she makes it clear from the outset that she is not up for more early morning milking; the news that yields have gone up is not going to make any difference either. Actually he has something else in mind: for Pip to take his place in the Gourmet Grills van and thus save his relationship with Brenda. She drives a hard bargain: he will have to do better than Lower Loxley who pay her only minimum wage.
  • Adam’s next visitor is Brian, who assures him that everything is under control. Brian has a suggestion as to how Adam might pass some of his enforced leisure time; Brian has two tickets for the test match at Trent Bridge. Adam is pleased; Ian less so but if he can get the time off he will go. The doorbell announces yet another visitor: it’s David with the news that the police have arrested the thieves who attacked Adam.
  • Pip reports Tom’s visit to mum, who predictably throws a wobbly. Pip points out that Tom’s offer is a good one; David’s return avoids further discussion. He brings the news that Amy is still staying with Alice, though Brian didn’t know why.

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