Robert finds out Coriander is pregnant.

Radio Times: Robert uses his loaf at Ambridge Hall.

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  • Tony is so pleased with the way the farm is going. Who’d have thought they’d own it and the pigs would be on their way back. He’s so pleased he even agrees to take another day of milking. Meanwhile Pat is still very distracted, she hasn’t heard from Helen however many times she rings.
  • Helen is encouraging Annette to get a job but the best Annette can come up with is helping out at Ambridge Organics for free. Helen seems to be beginning to feel the strain. Tom comes round because he is bored at home and has nothing to do. Annette sees herself in with a chance and encourages him to join them for bowling in Borchester.
  • Lynda is amazed at how much home made bread her guests can eat when she suddenly has the brainwave that the Gormley plinth should be filled by Jill making home made bread. But all thoughts of that go from their minds when Robert gets a text saying Coriander is pregnant. They are going to have a grandchild!

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