Ed goes ahead with taking on Grange Farm at the same time as Joe hears Mildred has died.

Radio Times: It’s a bittersweet day at Keeper’s Cottage.

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  • The talk in the village is still about Coriander and her baby. Robert is walking on air. Eddie bumps into William while talking to Alan about it and William is still very bitter about Grange Farm.
  • Ed gets his business plan and agrees with Oliver that they will go ahead. Ed is thrilled and terrified at the same time. Oliver then decides it’s time for a celebration at Keeper’s Cottage.
  • Joe gets a sad call from America to say that Mildred has died. Eddie isn’t convinced Oliver should go ahead with the champagne but Joe says it is fine. Days like this don’t come around very often and it is right to celebrate. But he finds he can’t stay and goes out for a walk. Ed catches him up but Joe is determined not to spoil the day and sends him back.
  • Joe goes to spend some time in the churchyard where he’d had a picnic with Mildred and talks it over with Alan. The last rays of sun are always unexpected, you don’t know when they are going to come and that’s what makes them so precious.

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