The alarm goes off at the Dower House and Lilian is convinced it is Chalkman.

Radio Times: Brian faces a crisis of conscience.

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  • Jennifer and Brian are wondering why Annette wanted to come back to a place with so many bad memories. Lilian is still not showing much interest in anything though and is nervous about anything else happening. Brian appears when Lilian is about to leave and he admits he is hating all the clandestine hiding in corners that is going on. He isn’t looking forward to the vote of no confidence in Matt next week. The Board all agree but Brian still feels as if he will be stabbing Matt in the back. Jennifer fully supports him. If he wants to be Chairman he should go for it.
  • Usha thinks Annabelle is still pushing hard on her training for the Marathon even though she is supposed to be easing up. More fool her. But Usha is also finding the preparation hard and isn’t sleeping. Alan tries to convince her to stick to her plan – in most respects!
  • Matt is having a bad time sleeping when the burglar alarm goes off. Lilian wants to phone the police when Matt doesn’t find anything but he flatly refuses and simply won’t discuss it anymore.

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