Tensions are growing between Helen and Annette.

Radio Times: Annette tries Service with a Smile.

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  • Mike has spotted that Lilian was hovering in the Dower House in the early morning. He isn’t doing much better at cheering Brenda up either. But he is quite happy, he met a new member of the dancing group last night – Vicky – and he seems very keen to track her down.
  • Helen still isn’t talking to her parents and persuades Tom to bring the delivery to the shop instead of Pat, but tensions are beginning to grow between Helen and Annette. Tom and Brenda have a rather awkward meeting. It’s her finals now and she will need to start looking for a job now there isn’t anything going with Matt. She explains she will probably have to move away. Tom sounds a bit surprised but doesn’t say anything to make her think otherwise.
  • Annette is very nosy about why Brenda and Tom split up. Helen isn’t very forthcoming and is annoyed that Annette is more interested in Tom than the shop.
  • Tom tells Helen that Brenda is thinking of moving away. He doesn’t think there is anything he could say. Helen invites him round for dinner and Annette is suddenly keener on writing her CV now she knows Tom is going to help.

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