Robert smells trouble.

Radio Times: Robert smells trouble.

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  • Julia visits Lynda with some books on aromatherpay and bemoans the fact that she is having no joy with publishers or agents over her book. Whilst she’s there Eddie turns up to “borrow something of Robert’s”
  • Pat and Tony tell Peggy that Friday night went okay but it is clear that Peggy thinks she needs to be involved.
  • Lynda is putting a poster in the shop for the anti-GM public meeting, where she meets Sid, who learns that she won’t be scoring on Saturday.
  • There is more talk of the ‘Beast of Leaders Wood’, with Eddie determined to track down the mystery animal (perhaps he thinks there’s a reward?)
  • Pat and Tony are at least talking as she brings him a coffee, but he is finding it frustrating that he can’t get her interested in any real conversation. He tries by discussing the GM meeting, as this is something she used to be passionate about – but with no success, which is clearly getting to him.

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