Janet gets her marching orders.

Radio Times: Janet gets her marching orders.

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  • Helen’s attempts to initiate her hygiene investigation are being thwarted by the dairy’s staff being just too busy to read the largon-filled tome she’s supplied them with. Clarrie’s more than a little frustrated with the demands and Helen’s less than pleased to have the mantra “it would be different if Pat was around” tumbling frequently from Clarrie’s lips.
  • Ruth’s putting time in on her vegetable garden, but is getting a little exasperated with Bert’s continual Harry Enfield-esque “you don’t want to do it like that!” Usha suggests she ask him to lend a hand, she’s not regreted asking him to help with her garden – he tends to just take over the work!
  • Janet’s going to take part in a march, from Birmingham to Cologne, to raise awareness for third world debt. Usha seems keen on maybe joining her.
  • Sid still can’t lay his hands on a scorer and Alistair’s a little frustrated that the fine words of the village at the club’s AGM haven’t changed the fact that fielding a full team will be a small miracle.
  • Helen pops round to apologise to Clarrie for her response earlier. Time and training is the key and she’s decided to pay an extra half-hour, first thing, a couple of times a week for staff training. Clarrie tries to point out that with a family to run and a job at the Bull, that extra half hour is not so easy. Helen’s man-management still isn’t quite so effective as she thinks it is, but Clarrie agrees to arrive early tomorrow morning.