Will Eddie shoot the boar?

Radio Times: Will Eddie shoot the boar?

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  • Eddie’s got a camcorder and is taking a few shots of William while he spruces Posh Spice up for the last time. Alistair has just rung and Clarrie is a bit concerned because he’s told her that Eddie cannot shoot the boar without a proper licence or gun. Eddie’s confused, but then realises – he plans to shoot the boar with the camera! (It’s Robert’s – he borrowed it the other day.) Clarrie’s still proud of William’s maturity over letting Posh go, but she’s a little concerned over his mercenary tendencies over the money.
  • Usha meets Janet for lunch to discuss her possible participation in the debt march. Janet’s pleasantly surprised and all for it.
  • Clarrie returns from the dairy spitting chips – Helen’s training over the hygiene issues was not funny and she’s threatening to swing for her! She softens immensely when William presents her with a present he bought with some of the leftover money from the sale of Posh.
  • Eddie’s off in Leader’s Wood doing his best David Attenborough impression into the camera (he’s convinced that footage of the “mythical” beast could be valuable to local TV). He’s not having much luck until he stumbles across some fresh trotter tracks …. he follows them and then stumbles into a muddy ditch. There’s much splashing (and possibly a few oinks too?)