Jason pulls at Honeysuckle Cottage.

Radio Times: Jason pulls at Honeysuckle Cottage.

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  • Mike and Sid are outside the shop laughing about Eddie’s boar-ing tales as Siobhán Hathaway leaves bearing lots of pre-prepared meals – they’re in the middle of unpacking and Honeysuckle Cottage is a mess. A mess that’s about to get messier as Jason the builder is due to start work on some rencvations or an extension (or something). Sid and Mike wonder whether she should be told about Jason’s habit for taking on more than one job at the saame time.
  • Tony visits Tim about a potentially nasty cut and discussing Pat’s medication, but Tim mentions that the anti-depressants will take a couple of weeks to start working. Tony’s finding it increasingly hard to give Pat the time – he just wants her back to normal right now.
  • Jason’s trying to be chatty but, in the nicest possible way, Siobhán is cracking the whip. Sid drops round with a box of pans (courtesy of Kathy) and his word to the wise. Jason overhears something but she gets the gist and seems to be cracking the whip effectively. She uncovers a photo of a couple, possibly from the late-50s if the clothing is anything to go by. Jason observes that it’s not Nelson. (And Siobhan reacts a little strangely to his sudden appearance behind her while she’s staring at the photo.) Tim’s not so worried about the photo though, the fact that Jason’s ripped half of the honeysuckle off the back of Honeysuckle Cottage is of more immediate concern …