Daniel’s schooling is settled.

Radio Times: Daniel’s schooling is settled.

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  • Shula’s decided that Daniel should go to school in Loxley Barrett rather than the private school that has been causing Alistair to turn class warrior. He’s pleased, but she’s adamant that it was the school’s Ofsted report and the variety of children he’ll meet, not Alistair’s brow-beating about the awfulness of the upper classes (Caroline excepted, of course), that made the decision.
  • Pat’s talking things over with Janet, who’s being the understanding soul you might expect. She points out that different people cope in different ways and Pat had bottled things up for over a year so it’s small wonder that all the festering grief and guilt won’t resolve itself in a short time.
  • Janet’s met with her church wardens to discuss her impending absence to walk on the debt march and it seems Bert isn’t so keen on the hippy ideals he’s seeing in his vicar! She thinks her flock can cope quite well without her for a few weeks.
  • Siobhán’s in the pub for a break from unpacking (and Tim’s on a call). She’s brought the photo along and Shula (naturally) identifies the couple – it’s Walter and Mrs P. There’s general education as some of the newcomers (Alistair, Janet, Siobhán) see Peggy’s mum and, for them that knew him, proof that Nelson certainly wasn’t “like father, like son”.
  • Pat’s watching a video of John in one of the single wicket competitions (maybe the one that Lynda re-shot?!) as Tony comes into the room she switches it off and asks that they talk. About anything. About the weather, trivia, village gossip, or maybe about important things like their son. Pat, though, is predictably teary and fragile and can’t bring herself to talk.