Bad memories for Mike.

Radio Times: Bad memories for Mike.

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  • Mike wants to discuss the Pick-Your-Own plans with Neil, but Neil still hasn’t forgotten the way Mike treated him over the logging and the various other bits of casual work and, as the land they’d use is his, he’s prepared to hold out for a deal that favours him. After making Mike sweat a bit and ensuring that the division of labour favours him, Neil eventually agrees that they will do the PYO again this year – after all it has never failed to make money (even if some years are worse than others).
  • Julia’s sent the first three chapters of her novel to various literary agents, although she only sent the letters on Monday, she’s impatiently expecting to be receiving offers already! Neither has the producer from the film company returned her calls from a week ago. Nigel tries to suggest that she look at the situation a little more realistically.
  • Elsewhere at Lower Loxley, some good news – the site foreman thinks that builders and their scaffolding should be gone by the middle of next week and the architect thinks that a very good job has been done. He also thinks that the barn is structurally sound and has some fabulous (if a little ambitiously expensive) ideas for it’s conversion into a gallery. Nigel’s a little cautious about some of the grander ideas given their current cashflow situation.
  • Tony wants to talk to Mike and arranges to meet in the pub. Mike knows full well what the talk will be about and seems a little reluctant but also sees that Tony really needs this conversation. It all comes gushing out, about the depth of Tony’s concerns, the blackness of Pat’s current condition, the seeming failure of the medication and that he cannot do anything to assauge the guilt of John’s death and her blaming him for it. Most of all though, he wants Mike (who finds listening to Tony stirring up the bad times) to reassure him. Which he does, after all he’s made a full recovery. It will take time and there are no shortcuts, but it will happen eventually – which is what Tony wants to hear because he’s not sure how much more he can take.