Lynda gets hands-on.

Radio Times: Lynda gets hands-on.

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  • There’s mixed feelings in the parish about Janet’s walk for debt relief – Clarrie quips that she’d walk barefoot from Birmingham to Cologne if their debt would be written off – Susan, for one, is not in favour thinking that debts taken out should be repaid. It seems that Susan, colour pens and all, is helping Tracy with her dairy hygiene notes, this doesn’t amuse Clarrie who seems to be treating it like homework from school!
  • William’s getting his head down with his exam revision, sticking to the rules of only revision or game-keeping (but no cricket) until the exams are over.
  • Robert’s allowed to play cricket though (and they won their opening match yesterday), but rather than relax with the papers Lynda wants to give him a all-over full-body massage and has erected the pasting table in the front room accordingly! Robert’s not so keen and her hour long massage (completely with running GM-related commentary) hasn’t entirely done the trick. When finished she strips off and expects him to return the compliment! (Which he does, despite William calling round to use their computer for the CD-ROM aided French revision ….)
  • Betty’s encouraging Mike to not just talk to Tony, but to talk to Pat too, to try to convince her that he knows what she’s going through and that there is a light (no matter how small it seems at the moment) at the end of the tunnel.