Helen makes an appointment.

Radio Times: Helen makes an appointment.

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  • Helen and Clarrie’s relationship is going down even further because Clarrie doesn’t seem to be grasping the finer points of Helen’s flow diagram concepts. Whereas Tracy Horrobin seems to be grasping them with both hands although, Clarrie suspects, this might be with sister Susan’s assistance. When Tommy delivers some milk he and Clarrie chat and they seem to be getting on fine. Helen mentions that she needs a temporary supervisor while Pat’s still unwell and she’s off doing her placement and Tommy thinks that Clarrie’s the obvious choice, given the high regard Pat holds her in.
  • Tommy’s also unhappy at his siter because she’s not immediately accepted the offer of a stall at the Borchester Farmers’ Market – she wants to weigh up the pros and cons, while he doesn’t think there’s much to think about. She refuses to talk to Pat on the subject.
  • George and Greg and walking the shoot and it seems they differ a little in some of the finer points of their job, but George isn’t so worried – it’ll soon be none of his business. They bump into Neil and Greg mentions that he might have some work for him (and he does, although Brian mentions that he would rather Greg doesn’t just employ people without asking).
  • Brian gets a bit of a lecture from Tommy about his GMO crop ahead of the forthcoming public meeting. Brian’s hoping that there might be some open minds at this meeting, but a lot of minds seem made up already.
  • Tommy finds Clarrie in the yard counting angrily to 100 (because 10 wouldn’t have been high enough). It seems that not only has Helen left Tracy in charge as the temporary supervisor, but in that new role, Ms Horrobin sees herself as management and wanted Clarrie to make her cups of tea! Tommy agrees that the world is going just a little bit mad.